Peter Temple Studio


Artist Project Description
Louisa Morris Wild Places Singer-Songwriter
Mendocino Women's Choir Live Recording of Spring concert Choral
Bill Inwood Here I Go Again Singer-Songwriter
Barry Marloff Strangely Enough Progressive Acoustic Solo Guitar
Peter Oliva Eye of the Storm Acoustic Rock
Zenith Rose Truth Spoken Word, Music
Spiral Fire Spiral Fire Modern Rock


Artist Project Description
Kethera Kethera Pop Punk Rock
Bagpipes of the World 30 Bagpipes Collector CD Sampler
Mary Hopkins The Hill of Tara Solo Irish Harp
Sharon Burch Colors of My Heart Native American Acoustic, Canyon Records
Bill Inwood The Spin Singer-Songwriter
Annie Rose Kate and Me at the Turn of The Century Singer-Songwriter
Steven Bates The Aboriginals Rock
The Quest Shooting Star Rock
Flush Flush Rock
Rhythmystics Sail On Rock - Latin Influence
Ken Taylor Ken Taylor Rock
Holly Tannen Rime of the Ancient Matriarch Original Modern Ethnic Folk
Tote Bergstrom With Gene Parsons Singer-Songwriter from Sweden


Artist Project Description
Julian Dawson Hillbilly Zen Singer-Songwriter with Gene Parsons on a European label
Gene Parsons I Hope They Let Us In Singer-Songwriter live - editing only
Tour De France Tour De France French Folk Music
Engfer Brown Engfer Brown Singer-Songwriter
Denny Lunsford Moonflowers Rock
Mambo This Mambo This Latin
Janie Rezner Oquawka Speaks Spoken Word, Music
Charlie Tetoni White Fang Movie Soundtrack Songs
Louisa Morris Coming Home To Daisy Singer-Songwriter
Madge Strong Life's a Dance Singer-Songwriter
Linda Stonestreet Rose Colored Glasses Singer-Songwriter
Peter Oliva History Singer-Songwriter
Gate Crashers Gate Crashers Rock
Marcia Sloan Cello Drones Tuning Sampler CD
Moreland, Daniels, Bush Live at Caspar Singer-Songwriter, recorded live
Harry's Truck Harry's Truck Rock
Living Light Community Music Singer-Songwriter, instrumental


Artist Project Description
Foxglove Moreland, Bush, Daniel, Volk Modern Acoustic
Danny Barca No Separation Singer-Songwriter
Tony Khalife Desert Raga Jazz Jazz-Rock Improvisation
Marcia Sloane Skyward Singer-Songwriter classical music and world rhythm fusion
Mike Ehlers Mike Ehlers Rock and Acoustic
Nature The Godman Gospel Progressive Rock New-Age Fusion
Peter Oliva Postcard from the Promised Land Songwriter Rock
Tara Blackburn Great Change Songwriter Folk Rock
Lenny Laks Ring Around the Sun Soul Influenced Rock
Human Naked Acoustic Rock


Artist Project Description
Roberta Belson Deep Communion Whalesong, Concert Harp and Piano in a spontaneous communication
Hal and Sidra Stone A Personal Odyssey Interviewed autobiography of Hal by Sidra who are a unique human development and teaching psychotherapy couple
Joel Andrews Oceanic Relaxation Soundscapes on Classical Harp


Artist Project Description
Crack Daniels Eric McFadden/Pat MacDonald Rock and Acoustic
Druid Sisters Tea Party Live High Energy Tribal Ambient
Danny Barca A Certain Light Singer-Songwriter
Patrick Nagel Yearnings Singer-Songwriter
Antonia Lamb Gamma Singer-Songwriter
The Freys People Are Sacred Acoustic Reggae
Kevin and the Coconuts Full Steel Drum Band Calypso/Latin
Shimshai For The One Mastering
Shimshai Deliverance Mastering


Artist Project Description
Foxglove Stories About The Sun
Human Breath
Holly Tannen Crazy Laughter
Marcus MacCallen Portal
Antonia Lamb Lucky's House
Calliope Creek Another Jig Will Do Celtic and American Folk
Land of the Blind Shamans Sound Electronica Dance (mastering)
Todd Walton I Remember You Stories and Cello


Artist Project Description
TES Awake in the Dream Conscious Rock
Shimshai Alianza Conscious World Music (mix & master)
The Human Revolution Love Revolution Conscious Rock
Todd Walton/Marcia Sloane When Light is Your Garden Singer-Songwriter
Ras Michael and the Sons of Negus Live at Caspar Community Center Reggae/Nyabinghi
The Frey's Here: Inner Silence Conscious Acoustic Reggae
Julie Engfer Where's the Love Rock


Artist Project Description
Joel Andrews Love Songs Concert Harp
Danny Barca The Sky Above Singer-Songwriter
Kevin and the Coconuts Calypso Shmalypso Steel Drum Band
Manus Itene Tears of Joy Pop Reggae/rock/hip hop (drummer for spearhead)
Blue Dudes Born 2B Blue Blues/Rock
Todd Walton Inside Moves, Riby and Spear Audio Books
Alexa Rose Sunshine Roses Singer-Songwriter
The Human Revolution Love Always Prevails Mystic Americana
Earl Chinna Live at Caspar Community Center Reggae
Ken Taylor All Under Jah Rock
Division Line Division Line Modern Rock


Artist Project Description
Druid Sister's Tea Party Full Moon JuJu Celtic/Funk/Rock
Now Planetree with Gwyneth Morel and friends Country Rock
Diane Patterson World Awake Heartsong Folk Rock
Joanne Rand Live with Claudia Paige Songwriter/Rock
Hedzoleh Sounds African Highlife (mix and master)
Manus Itene Tears of Joy Rock Pop (drummer for Spearhead)
Todd Walton and Marcia Sloan So Not Jazz
Todd Walton 43 Short Piano Improvisations
The Dunes Boys Summer of '64 Rock
The Hecklectics The Hecklectics Rock


Artist Project Description
Prema Only Love Remains Inspirational World Music
Renee Burnett Dream Buster Rock
Antonia Lamb Banjo Grandma Folk


Artist Project Description
Lutan Fyah Truly Reggae
Ras Attitude Hold The Vibes (mastering) Reggae
Shredead Metal Behind THe Mask Heavy Metal
Todd Walton Mystery Inventions Songwriter
Alexa Sunshine Rose Living Waters Acoustic


Artist Project Description
Diane Patterson Build A Bridge Folk Rock
Prema Jai Jai Ma Devotional Heart Songs
Chezidek Freedom Fighters Reggae
Shimshai MLa Ventana (mastering) Acoustic


Artist Project Description
Sarah Flaim Butterfly Kisses Acoustic
Beatlefest Live Concert Double CD Live Recording
Todd Walton Nature of Love Songwriter


Artist Project Description
Linda Stonestreet Bringer of Light Songwriter
Alexa Sunshine Rose The Flower of the Waters  
Joseph Israel Kingdom Road (Live CD) Reggae


Artist Project Description
Gene Parsons - David Hayes Mastering Only Acoustic Songwriter
Acoustic Serenade Compass Rose Mastering
Anna Brinkmann Letter To Daisy Rock
Joseph Israel Paradise Reggae
Itaweh Overload (mastering) Reggae


Artist Project Description
Diane Patterson Teach, Inspire, Be Real Songwriter
Dragonfly Up In The Air Rock
Sharon Garner-Dorian May Trio Live at the Sequoia Room Jazz
Cotton Dandee Marjo Wilson Songwriter


Artist Project Description
The Mendocino Quartet Way Out There Songwriter


Artist Project Description
Todd Walton Lounge Act In Heaven Songwriter
Todd Walton Dream Of You Songwriter
Itaweh Reload Reggae
Carie and the Soulshakers Love Out Loud Blues Rock

Also:dozens demos of everything from rock and singer-songwriter to string quartet.

Live Sound

  • Leo Kottke
  • Greg Brown
  • Ras Michael and the Sons Of Negus
  • Steve Earl
  • Scotty Wright
  • Kim Nalley
  • Shemeka Copeland
  • Eric McFadden Trio
  • Several Mendocino Music Festival. Mendocino, CA
  • Caspar World Folk Festival, 2003, 04, 05, 06 Casper,CA
  • Women in Jazz Festival, Fort Bragg, CA
  • Mendocino Living Culture Festival, Casper, CA
  • Wild Iris 2006 Booneville, CA

Peter Temple Studio