Peter Temple Studio

Albion, California (707) 937-0194

Recording, Mixing, Stem mastering, Mastering, Live Sound engineering and production, Live Performance recording and on-location recording. Since 1993.

Other Services

Stem mixing and mastering of professional commercial projects for producers, artists, movie, video, sync licensing, film trailers. Digital mastering for CD or Download. Vinyl mastering.

Mixing and mastering for project studio or home studio productions. With today’s affordable recording technology, musicians and producers at project or home studios can make great recordings. We can take those recordings, whether they are multitrack projects for mixing or finished stereo mixes, to the next level with professional editing mixing and mastering.

Live Sound production Completes sound production, from outdoor concerts to halls to house concerts Live recording of events and concerts for release or reference On location recording


I've worked with dozens of talented musicians, both local and visiting. To see a full list of the artists I've worked with, and links to their projects, visit my discography page.

Complete Music Production Under One Roof

The main recording room has a large door that makes it very accessible and easy to load in your own gear. The control room is also a great recording space.


The software I use for recording, mixing and mastering - is renowned for having one of the most “analog” sounding mix engines, and is combined with many of the acclaimed high quality vintage effects by Universal Audio and Waves. Samplitude was originally designed as a mastering program so great attention was paid to phase coherence, comprehensive plug in delay compensation and with industry standard metering and stellar editing features has made it ideal for mixing-to-master.

Here is a qoute about Samplitude (Sequioa and Samplitude are the same digital mix platform) by a noted industry producer David Kahne. David Kahne has not only worked with those perennial big names such as Bruce Springsteen, Curtis Mayfield and Paul McCartney, but also mixes at the cutting edge of today's newest generation of music makers and breakers. These include the likes of The Strokes, Regina Spektor, New Order and Imogen Heap.

"I've used all the software that I know of, including Logic, Digital Performer, ProTools, and Nuendo, and the Sequoia software tops them all. What I've been looking for is software that compensates for latency in plug-ins and bussing and mix down. When I got used to Sequoia enough to get a mix going, I compared it to all the software I'd been working with over the last years I used a drum kit that I'd recorded on tape and had digitized.

I did mixes using 3 other products, using multiband compressors and eq's in the same configuration in all the mixes. I did the same mix in Sequoia. When I compared mixes, I was astonished. The bottom, the imaging, the apparent level - every element of the mix _ was superior in Sequoia. My first reaction was to feel like I had mixed off tape. I heard no phasing whatsoever in the Sequoia mix. All the bells and whistles aside in all the different products, what I really wanted was a mix that stays intact phase-wise. And I've found that in Sequoia.” — David Kahne


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